As I began my advertising career 20 years ago I have always found my fine arts degree a strange advantage. Although great campaigns that involve fine art were very few. Being the creative lead of many fine agencies I have had the privilege of working with great artists that helped us to engage consumers in a meaningful way. From virtual artists, kinetic sculptures, musicians, fashion designers, and culinary artists like Steven each project has been filling as we combine marketing and creative expressions at the highest level.

Aiming at the high-tech, visual-artistic driven target audience, we proposed an innovative pop-up gallery to express our proposed theme for the product i.e. borderless and limitless potential at Shanghai and Chengdu.

Combining art with retail gave us relevance to our target consumers which generated 600,000 online views. 14,310 museum visitors. 11,119 views on WeChat and a
96% satisfaction rating on our consumer survey.
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