The Creative and Business Balancing Act to drive success:
Self-Discovery and the Power of Authentic Connections through Technology.
Throughout my life, I've been captivated by the intricate balance of creativity and business—a blend of structure and spontaneity that births success. How do we craft a system that fosters both methodical precision and groundbreaking business innovation? As I've delved deeper into my journey, I've unearthed two pillars at its core: relentless self-discovery and a network of authentic human connections through technology.   
Navigating the Creative Business Paradox: As a creative turned business lead, I recognize that good business needs creativity, but to be successful, one must find the delicate equilibrium between conformity and free-spiritedness. Achieving this equilibrium involves recognizing that rigid structures can be tools, adaptable to the unpredictable nature of the creative process. There's a synergy between methodical planning and unbridled creativity, albeit unique for each individual.  
The Crucial Role of Self-Understanding For Success: Embarking on any venture necessitates profound self-discovery. To comprehend your boundaries and explore the territory beyond, you must be self-aware and take full responsibility for the outcome, even if it's an unconventional or uncomfortable one. I know, a person needs to be a good listener to both yourself and others. In doing so, you will find the gaps and opportunities in the market in which you need to succeed. 
Embracing Challenges for Growth: Professionally, my journey has led me from being a creative director in premier global AD agencies to a business leader managing for profitability. The deliberate transition between comfort zones and uncharted territories has driven not only my artistic development but also those skills that have optimized the growth of my business ventures.  
The Significance of Human and Digital Connections: Over 25 years of diverse roles globally over 3 continents, I've found that building authentic relationships paves the way for diverse perspectives and boundless creative inspiration. I have leveraged these experiences in my life to scale them using technology through all digital and physical platforms. 
The Digital Transformation Evolution: 
The power of the digital and human network.
In the constantly evolving landscape of digital transformation, the indispensable role of AI technology in businesses stands out. My journey in both the business and creative realms has deepened my appreciation for the pivotal role technology plays in driving success. How does this discussion fit into the broader context of digital transformation? To truly harness the power of AI, we must strike a balance with the human spirit. 
Leveraging Networks: The impact of AI-driven network computing on business scalability cannot be overstated. Our team can capitalize on the potential of AI to streamline processes and operations, fostering efficiency and growth. This is most evident in how we handle a substantial volume of consumer needs and our ability to recommend the most beneficial products for individuals. Challenges arise when extracting meaningful insights from these databases, as it requires human talent to analyze and respond to the reports generated by AI. Robust structures still require the touch of human inspiration and talent. A similar network of human communities, providing ideas and insights, must complement the digital network of analysis and data.
The Challenge of Modern Marketing: Modern marketing, with its focus on consumer preferences, confronts a new challenge. In a world saturated with choices but lacking comprehensive information, consumers are uncertain about their true desires. While technology is crucial, emotional engagement through physical and digital experiences takes precedence. These experiences foster authentic connections and conversations within a community, creating trust. The integrity of a brand will be spotlighted within these communities, filtering out brands and products that do not align with customer values or environmental considerations. 
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Leadership in this new era.
Leaders such as  Peggy Liu, environmental transformation agent: and life guru have been sharing her insights with business, technology, and cultural professionals for years. I have had the honor to attend one of her workshops and I was amazed at the level of sophistication of her content as she bridges science, business, and meditation. She is one of the most inspiring speakers I have known and am proud to say she is my trusted strategic partner.
My next example is John Hagelin, Ph.D. 5 years ago as I was looking to better my meditation journey, I found this video of him speaking about TM (transcendental meditation)
Right after watching this video, I was completely convinced that will change my life, and took the steps to start my practice. To this very day, I meditate every day and am a better person for it.
My last example comes as a bit of a surprise to me but I believe that this is a prime example of digital transformation. I found Peter Szabo in a youtube ad, as I quickly aimed my cursor to the skip ad button, as I normally do with most ads, I somehow picked up certain words from his ads that caught my attention. Words that suggested he had the idea of combining his mindfulness life with his business life. When I say "mindfulness" and not meditation is because he didn't say meditation, there was a hint to that in which I was drawn. This ultimately led me to click on his link. 
As a marketer for over 20 years specializing in digital transformation, I have become jaded about youtube ads but I am so delighted I allowed the universe to take me along this ride. Not only was his program engaging and hugely effective, but Peter has created a program that combines my professional beliefs as well as my spiritual ones. Putting his process into practice has manifested results I did not think possible in the time it has happened. This is a link to his online introduction.

I find this interesting on many levels. Not only is this course highly conceptually existential, but also very practical so that anyone can adopt this into their own lives. The entire team is run by extremely young and talented individuals with the hopes of affecting the world in a positive way. The course is online and they do this all virtually. Social engagement is not an afterthought, and community-based support is completely integrated with their business pipeline. People don't feel like they are being "pitched" but part of a bigger force for a higher purpose. For those people who are concerned about the future of our planet, I find great comfort in the fact that young entrepreneurs like Peter and his team are doing the work that they do. Something that only our digital landscape can support.
Of course, at the end of the day, I am a professional with a winning track record. This page is to give you insight into the philosophies in which I practice my work and life. I wish you all the best in your journey within yourself.
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