Brief: Innovation In Retail Design
BHG is one of China’s fastest growing retailers. In order to stay ahead of its competitors, my team was
asked to design the personal beauty center and an overall department store design concept for their innovation research center.

Shoppers in Greater China are seeking a total sensorial shopping experience.

With the vision of fusing design cues from the forms and shapes of both the modern and classic, the team then translated these design ideas into an environment. This experience infuses the depth and intimacy that inspires a great shopping experience.
Where do you shop? Is it around the corner? Dose the shop owner knowyour name?
In an ideal world, the answer to these questions would be a yes.
And In BGH, maybe we can make you feel like we do.
But here at BGH, we are not interested in just bring back the past. Looking at contemporary design and modern technology we can provide a shop with a bit of a surprise. Still giving the great benefits to our shoppers.
Starting form the basic building block such as the displays, we create a shape that is ornamental as well as the contemporary. Yet the feature on this is our modular lighting system. Using a translucent table top, we are able toshift and multiply the lighting for products.
Pulling back, taking the facades of quaint shop fronts, we give a sense of warmth and invite to the promenade.
Creating line art from these designs… And wrapping the art around the glass partitions to give a sense of a warm and contemporary look and feel. This effect is finished by paving the path with actual coblestones.
An interactive layer on the store front allows for shoppers to redefine what window shopping could be.
Creating a shopping environment that is both entertaining and beneficial.
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