Acceleration for All
What is a company, anyway?
Work, entrepreneurship, business – how we make a living is constantly evolving. We have come a long way since our early hunter-gatherer days, to say the least. Thanks to global lockdowns, the digital workplace revolution that was promised and pined over for the last couple of decades is finally becoming reality. But not in the way that we expected. Or even wanted. It wasn’t just working from home; it was working while stuck at home. And the struggle was real. But despite all of the obstacles and economic difficulties the lockdown brought with it, there is a silver lining on every cloud. Because while people were no longer able to meet, they found new ways to connect. While offices closed their doors, we found a new kind of freedom in remote and flexible working options.
 While unemployment soared, so did entrepreneurship. 
Yes, not all of the lockdown start-ups will be permanent businesses. But let’s also not forget that one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms also happened to be created during the last pandemic. 
And sure, many of these new companies are just one person with an idea. So, can it even really be considered a company? We say yes. We think it’s great, and we want to see more. More people turning passion into a profession. More people taking the leap from employee to employ-free. More new successes. New failures. And new ideas to make the world a better place for everyone in it. The truth is, no one knows what the future of work will actually look like. But we can help build it by redefining the future of entrepreneurship, together.
So follow your pipe dreams. We’re here to help.  
We Planned the most effective method to initiate ViewSonic's corporate solutions with three main pillars.
The first Pillar is supporting our community, using s
ocial media was used to build this community of working professionals to build trust, product feedback, and software development as we worked with key business influencers on our social platforms to engage in conversations. We paired with our paid media strategy to drive conversions into key channels of our business.
The Second pillar is Owned media, as that will be where our community can access resources such as white papers, products, and solution information. This crucial information that deals with solutions for modern-day work challenges was connected with our backend SEO (search engine optimization) coding to drive more organic users to our website and join the community through subscriptions to our newsletters.
Our final pillar of ABS (account-based marketing) access worked with our key regions to drive more business through sales kits that contextualized thought leadership conversations with our products. This will build the foundation of more physical events and digital content as each country will have its unique community needs
and challenges.
Sample business results include: 
•2.7M Video Impressions, Excelled the original KPI by 65%
•The video performance has a 35% growth than the previous year. 
•Corporate Visual Solution Page:
28.87% View rate: 579K views / 2M Impressions / 1500+ leads to the microsite in our initial launch
•Newsletter: Average Open rate: 40% (benchmark 12-25%)Average 
Click rate: 5.69% (benchmark 2-5%)​​​​​​​
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