Brief: Lenovo 3.0
After years of educating the global market that Lenovo is indeed a global brand after their purchase of IBM’s laptop business, Lenovo launches their global communications strategy 3.0. Our task is to bring this to life in the developing regions. Not only are we to comply with global guidelines, but to enhance it in a way that is relevant and exciting to its markets.

With current PC brands that are unrealistically aspirational due to the advancing Apple market. Lenovo sets out to differentiate itself by being purposeful and real.

With a global tag line “For Those Who Do,” my team creates a space that draws the essence of a workshop. A workshop that will enable shoppers access to Lenovo machines. The following are works that shows holistic through-the-line creatives and strategic guidelines that my team also created, to help the markets bring these works to life in their respective countries.
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