Brief: The holistic campaign
The work done for Walmart can be traced by how a person would experience shopping within a hypermarket from point A to Z by incorporating anything form print to event, in-store and digital. In this campaign my team was given an opportunity not only to form this experience, but also creating a new retail space that transforms how shoppers shop in Walmart stores in greater China.

The personal care category of WM in Greater China doesn’t have the vibrancy and personality like other retailers such as Watsons.

Inspired by serialized dramas so popular in China, the long aged debate of who is in the right in a romantic relationship is placed centered stage in this campaign, aptly named “He Said, She said”.
A total reinvention of category colours and design.
From this sets of navigational signs where created.
Thus forming a clear yet interesting visual language for shoppers.
All fixtures in-store were also re-designed to this look and feel. Also, sustainable materials are proposed for ease of use as well as its potential impact to the environment.
Detail of wine and liquor category.
Wine and liquor category.
The bakery.
Fresh Foods with interactive chief coming up with inspiring dishes using fresh food.
Key Visuals for yearly campaign based on the relationship of a couple that is targeted to our desired shoppers.
In-store event that plays tribute to the movie "When Harry Meet Sally" interviewing how couples meet and fell in love.
Getting down to the business side of things, direct mailers created to mimic family portraits.
And to end off where we started, the end cap shelving units skinned in the campaign style of our lovely couple's home.
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