To showcase their mobility vision of tomorrow, they will display next-generation vehicles & a concept car to herald the autonomous driving era like their Muse fully autonomous self-driving car and the Lykan Hyper sports car from the Fast & Furious franchise.
ICONIQ is a new brand and engaging visitors needs to be balanced with a unique brand story. Our team deployed an integrated O2O brand experience, we use a theme of mobility of tomorrow today. Working with a Google Tilt Brush artist, we created an innovative VR experience from an online artwork
to on-site VR experience with robotic and
WeChat engagement.

By creating a brand story around their technology we were able to increase their WeChat followers: 8,016, a 3531.28% increase. Total live streaming views: 12.42 million. Total video post views: 11.828 million.
The total post reads on Weibo
and WeChat: 16.448 million.
VR artwork linked to wechat miniapp.
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