On-trade promotions are becoming more of a nuisance to consumers than a benefit on top of their party experience. Brands such as Hennessy Classivm need to be youthful and still premium as this balance is critical. People go to clubs to enjoy entertainment while hanging out and showing off with their peers. They do not want brands to get in their face and in the way of their fun.
We transform Classivm’s club presence into an enhancer of clubbing fun. By making the consumer an integral part of the entertainment, we dial up the entire experience and positioning of the brand.

The need to innovate this space from an experience activation was certain but our team was able to dive into product design to solve the issues we had observed in our research. Not only were we able to pass the idea with the client we were able to prototype and develop a new product in our On-trade lineup that was like no other.
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