"Unlock The Next Level" 2018
To energize its fan base, our idea showcases the latest, most interesting and fun experiences from Ubisoft. Creating immersive live experiences around new game updates, Ubisoft’s China booth is now an unlocked pocket universe.
We unlock a gateway to Ubisoft’s universe where game characters come alive in fun scripted performances. Fans are invited to be part of live experiences from Easter eggs, sneak previews and show performances either on-site or via live video streaming.
In creating a strong partnership with Ubisoft was a key to an amazing project. Many firsts in this one. First time working, first time having a closed arena, first live performances that came to life at the event which created amazing results.
Doubled retail sales, 3,000,000 live stream views. Fans for life.
"Live Out Your Dreams With Ubisoft" 2019
Through social listening, we found that China’s gaming and Ubisoft fans craved a spotlight to show their unique flair and love for gaming. So in 2019, we flipped the script. We empowered fans to create their own Ubisoft gaming experiences. We turned Ubisoft’s Chinajoy booth into a national stage, giving them a voice and a role to shape Ubisoft’s live shows, esports and live streaming activities. They can now experience the lives of gaming narrators, cosplayers, gaming coaches, esports players and more!
Through the integration of the physical space and digital we delivered: A 50% increase over last year’s Booth retail transactions. Over 60,000,000 online impressions. 15,332,949 views of Ubisoft Weibo social posts.
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